What you will learn from this guide:

  • How Heroku Works

    Gain a better understanding of how Heroku works. Now that you have a production application running, it's time to learn in detail about what keeps the application running.

  • Heroku Postgres

    The Postgres database service offered by Heroku is powerful. Learn how to make use of its flexiblity and features to better store and serve your data.

  • SSL

    SSL is complex. Learn how to properly configure SSL for your application, and debug common SSL issues.

  • Answers to Common Questions

    Your application will likely encounter a few common issues and scenarios during its lifetime. Prepare for these issues ahead of time.

  • Scaling

    Whether you're expecting a spike in traffic or steady growth over time, there are steps you can take to better prepare for scaling.

  • Interpret Performance

    Your application is running slowly, but why? You will see how tools such as New Relic can help you diagnose performance issues and better understand bottlenecks.

Sample Chapter

  • You'll learn more about the R14 & R15 Error Codes.
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What's Inside

Over seventy pages of expert advice.

I love talking with developers who run their applications on Heroku. I enjoy answering questions about Heroku and providing tips or advice when I meet developers at conferences, user groups, or meet-ups.

This is not an official Heroku guide, rather it contains my personal perspective and thoughts on running production applications on Heroku, based on years of experience. My goal with this guide is to answer questions and provide advice as if you and I were to talk over a meal or drinks.

  • Chapter 1: Where to Begin
  • Chapter 2: SSL
  • Chapter 3: The R14 & R15 Error Codes
  • Chapter 4: The H12 Error Code
  • Chapter 5: The Magic of Heroku Postgres
  • Chapter 6: Using New Relic Effectively
  • Chapter 7: Customizing Heroku

This guide covers both basic and advanced issues. You will learn that it is possible to approach debugging Heroku applications in a methodical way, to uncover problems efficiently so they can be fixed quickly.

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About the Author

Hi, I'm Phil Ripperger. I'm a husband and father, a technologist, and a software developer.

I've built and supported web applications in one form or another for the past ten years. On some, I’ve been the developer and maintainer, but the majority of the applications I've seen have been in the official role of support. During the last few years as a support engineer at Heroku, I've debugged or analyzed over five thousand different applications.

I have an expert understanding of how Heroku works as well as many thousands of near-daily interactions with Heroku customers and their applications. In short, I understand Heroku from the inside and out.

I enjoy helping developers make better use of Heroku. My goal in writing this guide is to help developers better understand and solve common issues their applications will encounter on Heroku.

If you'd like to contact me, I can be found on Twitter (@pdsphil).

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